Dont know if im type 2C or type 3a?

I need to find the right products for my hair but first i need to know what type of hair do I have?... Can someone help me figure this out :) and suggest what products should I be using?.. (long black curly hair)  

5 Answers

You can be in between, I am. I recommend a curl defining lotion or gel, a frizz control product, and some form of texturizing agent. I use catwalk curls rock curl amplifier, frizz ease extra strength, and I make my own sea salt spray with a warm water, some sea salt, and some gel all shaken together in a spray bottle. 
Looks like you're 3a at the top and 2c at the bottom. Beautiful curls! 
Based on the picture here I'd say 3a, but like donteatsammy said you can have parts that are different textures. I don't have any specific product recommendations but I use my hands to detangle and style instead of a brush or comb and "plop" with a t-shirt instead of using a terry cloth towel makes a HUGE difference for me in terms of curl definition and preventing frizz.
I am combination 2c 3a. I use jessiecurls jelly soft curls or la looks sports gel. I also use olive oil as my hair does not absorb coconut oil and never has :/ I also found plopping does not work for me as it contributes to frizz for me.