Less drying alternative to DevaCurl for 2b hair?

I used the Deva line (no-poo, daily conditioner, set-it-free leave-in and the firmer hold gel) for about two years on my short wavy hair, and while I loved the wave separation and look, over time the line dried out and damaged my hair (and skin) to such an extent that I had to give it up.  My routine was to poo twice a week and just wet my waves in between and add more styler ... if I conditioned more often the daily conditioner left my hair a strange mix of super greasy at the roots and dried out at the ends.I did some serious moisture + keratin rehab, which helped my hair's quality but not my curls.  I decided to give Deva another try, and after just a couple of days, my hair feels super dry again, so I'm not going to risk it.  I've tried separating the products, and it seems to be the no-poo and the gel that are the most drying for me, so I'm looking for alternatives.My alternative routine is to no-poo a few times a week with the Sevi daily conditioner, followed with the Sevi leave-in and the Kinky Curly Curl Custard, and my hair likes the moisture, but I wind up with greasy roots and less curl than with Deva.  I wind up having to sub in a normal shampoo (alternative phytojoba and phytokeratine to try to undo the Deva damage) once or twice a week to get my hair non-greasy looking, but those "normal shampoos" tend to seriously flatten out my curls.  The long hair pic is just wash + leave-in, no gel, before the Deva damage.  The short hair pic with the cutie pie kiddo is after cutting off some of the Deva damage, with the Sevi + Kinky Curly routine... tough to coax the curl out, and I don't know if that's because of the damage or the products I'm using.  The short hair profile pic is my HG of curls... that's when I was using Deva exclusively for a few months, before the damage and dryness kicked in.I'm eyeing the MopTop line to try next... but are there any other dry hair 2b's out there who've found a HG alternative to Deva?Thanks for any tips or suggestions, ladies!

2 Answers

I have been using the Loreal naturals line that you can get at any drug store and I love it. It's CG friendly and leaves your hair nice and moisturized . It's also really cheap at $ 7.99 a tube. That works for me, hope it helps.
Mop top is hands down the best product line I've ever used. Made my dry lifeless curls bouncy, shiny, not frizzy and not crunchy!! Currently trying deva line due to not being able to get mop top other than online, but if this isn't as good I will just buy online bc I swear by that brand. I used gentle shampoo, daily bamboo conditioner and medium hold gel and thats all you need. I have also tried Shea moisture and didn't care for it. Go for mop top, it won't disappoint.