EcoStyler and KeraCare Curl Defining Custard Leaves My Hair Crispy!

Hi! Just last week I BC'd after ~7 months of transitioning, although I did cut a good amount of the new growth for styling purposes. I'm toying with different gels and curl defining products for my TWA, and I've been getting a lot of curl definition. The only problem is that products like EcoStyler and KeraCare Curl Defining Custard leave my hair crunchy and even flaky at times. This past time, when I used the KeraCare Custard, I was sure to put a layer of leave-in+coconut oil+shea butter before applying the KeraCare, but I still got flakes and crispiness! What's a girl to do?? BTW I have 3c/4a on the top with 4b on the sides and 4c at the nape of my neck.

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