Flat ironed my hair and now my hair WON'T CURL! Please help, what can I use to bring them back?

A licensed professional/friend of mine flat ironed my hair at 450 deg. I cringed when I saw the temp but figured she knew what she was doing. My hair WILL NOT curl on the inside bottom now and most all of it is sort of curly/wavy. I am devastated! She says it is not possible to have this type of damage with one flat ironing session. I am a 3c/4a type and I did the big chop 6 years ago. Since then, have only heat styled my hair twice: roller set and cheap flat iron from walgreens :). Curls were back within hours. Have I COMPLETELY set myself back 6 years? Can someone tell me if they have had the same experience and how they managed? Thanks so much 

1 Answer

hey the same thing happen to me and what i did is i made myself a homemade hair mask every week mine include using avocado,banana,olive oil,coconut oil,honey and egg of course they are some other but i like this one better anyway i know its just anoying but its definetly worth it my hair is so much better now