Gel recommendations for type 2C hair?

My hair is mainly 2C however at the top sometimes it is more of a 2B wave, I've never really used gel in my hair but it seems like gel is the way to go. Currently I use Beyond The Zone Curl Cream and it has been the best product I've used so fair but it only works alright but I want to find something better, so does anyone have any gel recommendations? 

2 Answers

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Well I am not sure that I will help you but I think we have same type. My hair is mostly 2c but on the top I have 2b and my hair is extremly frizzy. Gel works best for me. I dont think that it is important which one you use just that dosent have alcohol . I use Afrodita Birljantina gel cause this is only one that is actually good that I can buy in my country but you could also try deva curl or kinky curly not today I heard great things but I cant buy them in my country. I will put picture of what I use if you want to know.