Good products for 3B hair?

I need good products for my frizzy lifeless 3b hair. I'm using the curls unleashed sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and it make my curls look and feel awful :( 

2 Answers

I've never tried those but if you've been using them for a month and they're still not giving you the results you want I would move on to something else. It took a bit of experimentation for me to find what works but I use vo5 coconut conditioner as a co-wash, nature's gate aloe vera conditioner as a daily conditioner/leave-in, shea moisture raw shea butter as a weekly deep conditioner and alternate between fruit of the earth aloe vera gel or shea moisture curling smoothie as styling products. Good luck!
I have the same hair type and I find that gels work best in my hair. I use a pantene gel from their curly hair line, it doesn't make your hair hard and makes it very soft when it dries. And as far as washing, i use the mixed chicks line.