Good products for hair between 2c/3a curls that won't weigh them down?

So I'm currently transitioning from somewhat damaged hair from always using heat to my natural curls. My hair is somewhere between 2c/3a where the undamaged hair curls at 3a but the damaged parts are wavy (2c-ish). I've tried different methods but too much product just weighs my curls down. My hair is medium texture and normal porosity. Any suggestions for products and methods I should try? Thanks!

1 Answer

My younger cousin (whose hair I always do) Has a varying pattern. Her whole head is in the 2's though, and whenever styling, I LOVE using foams or mousses that are super lightweight. My favorite is by Giovanni .For wash and go's I use one of the Miss Jessie's products, which are also really lightweight. I say go for spritzes, foams, and light oils.