What are good styling products for my hair

Gels and mousses make my hair feel very heavy and hard.  Have tried a few curl creams and they made my hair feel like it hadn't been washed and heavy too. Does anyone have any ideas of products that may help? Attached are some pics of my hair. Been told my hair is 2b 

1 Answer

Your hair looks amazing. You look like a 3a, not a 2b. My curl pattern is almost identical to your curl pattern, yet my curls are sporadically undefined and limp in their appearance. What are you using? Shampoo, conditioner, styling products...please elaborate. Thank you. I have experimented with many different styling products and I can say that I always come crawling back to mousse. It may feel crunchy while drying, but you'll come to find that nothing else will define your specific hair type in a more meticulous manner. Just use your fingers to loosen and soften the mousse "cast" once your hair is dry or nearly dry. Takes forever, I know. Our hair is too prone to frizz to take the cream route. Hope that helps.