Got my 1st devacurl cut/style + love it but it's so pricey what can I use instead?

I used treseme curl shampoo and conditioner and la Bella curls gel and herbal essences hair spray before (big bottles of all totalling Less than $20)  and i have no clue what to use anymore! I love how it looks with deva curl even on day 2 but it's so pricey! Help! I bought curl defining lotion by Marc Anthony and Alba botanical Hawaiian conditioner drink it up coconut milk cause they seemed better than what I have but were $26 total and way smaller and I'd rather return if they aren't worth it. I've attached a pic with my hair now (in the purple shirt), right before the hair cut (black right next to it) and haircuts and hairdos of the past. Someone please help! I'm going to a buisness event tomorrow afternoon and I'm so scared my hair is going to look awful without deva curl!

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