my hair has been feeling dry lately it might be because of the heat but what products should I use?

I do use hair cream in my hair I use garnier curl sculpt conditioning cream gel, but my hair has been feeling dry lately , an I really want it to stay healthy because I want it to get longer but I can't do that if my ends keep getting dry an dead an then I got to trim it.

1 Answer

I have hair that's sort of 3a/3b on bottom and 2b on top. I've had the most luck with DevaCurl products--I use the conditioner every other day and the no poo about once a month. I use the hydrating cream gel for styling. My hair is long so I use clips to set and dry. For dryness, I use coconut oil on the ends before showering!Check the garnier bottle--does the product contain sulphates? If so, avoid! Sulphates coat the hair and make it difficult for the hair to actually absorb moisture, plus a whole host of other issues