My hair is a mix of types 3A3B3C. what products should I use and how many times a week should I wash

2 Answers

well let me start off by saying that I cannot really tell you what products you should use on your hair because only you will know what works best for your hair . You will just have to do trial and error by trying out random products . But I can suggest products for you .Since your hair is type 3 , I would suggest Shea Moistures "thick and curly" line of products or their " reconstructive " line of products . She's moisture is a really good brand to start off with.I would also suggest the Organix brand of products because their products are somewhat cheaper then shea moisture and they have nice moisturizing properties. The only thing is they have so many different products to choose from! And for your hair , I would suggest washing it once a week. You can co was with a cleansing conditioner during the middle of the week but only use shampoo once . If you find that it is drying out your hair to wash it every week , do it every 2 weeks. Hope this helps !
The best way to choose ingredients/products is by hair properties and not curl type (it's transient depending on product, technique, dewpoint, etc.) Here's a link to help you with yours Once you determine your properties, go on curl talk and look for others with similar hair. See what they use and do. It's the best way to start.