Could my hair products be causing forehead acne?

I use kinky curly knot today and she's moisture curl enhancing smoothie.

1 Answer

Yes, they could very well be the culprit especially if you haven't encountered any of the other culprits that cause your breakouts. First you should make sure there isn't anything else going on in your body that could be causing your breakouts. If not, then it probably could be your products. I had a similar issue and here is what an editor told me on this very site.Try some of her tips and I think your acne should clear a little.Good morning vjackson93,When I went natural, I started to get back acne out of nowhere. After having a conversation with my college roommate (Type 1 hair) about skin care and hair care, she said that she discontinued using products with silicone because it would clog her pores and cause acne. Sure enough, the second I discontinued using Aussie Moist conditioner my back acne disappeared. I just looked at the ingredients list of the S-Curl Curl Activator Moisturizer and it has simethicone in it. That may be causing you to break out. Another important measure that I take in regards to maintaining my healthy hair and clear skin is making sure that I always wash my hands and face. After I wash my hair I always wash my face. Even before I deep condition, I wash my face while my hair is covered in the plastic cap before I go under the hooded dryer because I don't want my pores to open and the product to seep in. Another thing I do is wash my face and my back after I've rinse the conditioner out. And even after I style my hair, I wash my hands to make sure I do not put product on my face while I sleep. You always want to be aware of different ways products can get on your face. Another thing is to make sure you are washing your hair scarves and pillowcases frequently. Although your hair may not come in direct contact with your pillow, your face still excretes oil so you don't want that build-up to constantly come in contact with your fresh, clean skin. I know this may sound like a task but it’s not and it is totally worth it. See: