My hair is protein sensitive, is there a sheamoister product that will work for me?

1 Answer

If you mean Shea Moisture brand, I doubt it. I'm a 2c, l Now I am guessing that I am sensitive to the Coconut which you probably know mimics protein. Coconut is usually within the first 4 ingredients for SM. So while they seem rich they don't work for us well. We Need water based products to deliver our moisture. You might be able to dabble with a style like their Smoothie product on top of good products that coat and protect your hair so to speak but you will have happier hair and better results if you look elsewhere. I use VO5 as my co-wash. KCKT or Giovanni Direct Leave In as my leave in. And KCCC or As I Am Curling Jelly as my styler. Jessicurl has good gel options for more hold. Hope that helps ;)