So my hair is type 3b and a little damaged. what products should I use for my hair in the winter?

Like I said, my hair is 3b and damaged. I just discovered I had curly hair back in August. Yeah I know. stupid. but It's been hard finding all the products I need to use in my hair. I use shea moisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo, conditioner and curl milk and natural coconut oil and loreals  evercurl leave in conditioner. My hair is just not holding defintion after 1-2 hours.In the picture it is not defined whatsoever, it's so much curlier than that.  I don't really know how to sleep on my hair either. I'm having a really hard time and I think I just need an overall guide for what to do with my hair. Help?

2 Answers

Your hair can be totally flat at the back when you wake up but with a bit of water spray it should be able to revert to 3b. Even when my hair is old it maintains some curls, that is why I think that you are not a 3b but a 2b, with products your hair could look like a 2c. Try swapping the curl milk for a light gel.If your hair is damage then you have to deep condition as much as you can and do a protein treatment every one or 2 months. You need to identify what caused the damage and begin growing it out. 
this is a better picture of my hair