hairfinity for hair growth?

has anyone tried hairfinity? It claims to give you a inch of growth per month :o

3 Answers

i heard it works but do reseach on it first.
Hairfinity is a high dose multivitamin tablet.It works for some people whilst others have ended up having issues with it as it contains doses of some vitamins that are several times higher than the RDA. Personally if you think you have a nutrient or medical issue that is stopping your hair growing normally then go and a dermatologist/trichologist. S/he will look at any medication you are taking, talk to you about your lifestyle and then if s/he thinks it is necessary they will do some blood work to determine if you are deficient in anything.Some of the vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in aren't in hairfinity but are needed for healthy hair growth. They are also much cheaper to buy over the counter than hairfinity plus if you are under the care of a dermatologist/trichologist they will ensure you don't overdose.
Doesn't work - parents are plastic surgeons and nothing but propecia etc. works on that. you can make hair stronger and healthier - not GROW