Has anyone had any bad experiences with the Pantene Naturals Line?

A couple months back I bought Pantene Naturals Deep Conditioner and Co-Wash. I noticed that the DC loosened my curl pattern. My stylist and I decided to get rid of that product. And then I started using the co-wash more often. I noticed that my hair was starting to shed a lot and my curl pattern was sort of wonky. Anybody else have any issues with this product? Note: I have partial highlights/lowlights. But I don't think that was the entire cause of my problem. When I initially had the color my curl pattern was fine.

3 Answers

I recently used the co-wash two nights ago and my hair was left clean and soft. And this is coming from someone who is extremely picky about ingredients. I did not notice an increase in shedding and breakage is always a manipulation or dryness problem. But then again, I've never had an issue with a product causing or increasing shedding. The hair does have life cycles in which the hair may increase in shedding at certain phases so maybe by coincidence that abnormal shedding phase and the use of the products came simultaneously. I'm not sure if products can cause shedding but I could be wrong.
I have really fine hair that's a mix of 3b and 3a, with some 3c thrown in just to make my life difficult. Tried the cowash and didn't like it - I couldn't tell if it left a goopy coating or didn't really cleanse the hair, and didn't care for the smell. (I don't use any leave-in products on my hair so I'm just cleansing off oil and dirt.) BUT I absolutely love the conditioner and use it every time I wash my hair except when I need extra deep moisturizing (Minnesota winters are really dry and then the middle of the summer with all the sun and heat can really toast the hair). It feels like a lighter conditioner so I don't know how well it would work on thicker hair. For cleansing I've been using the Devacare line for over 5 years and swear by it. 
Try the Pantene Pro-V 2-Minute Moisture Masque Deep Conditioner  its mucchhh better