Has anyone tried the Garnier fructis Marvelous oil?

3 Answers

I bought  both Marvelous Oils the other day because I couldn't find their Moroccan  oil in the store. I just got my hair straightened the other day and had to re-curl my ends. After adding the curl, I used a small amount of the Marvelous oil for damaged hair through my hair. It gave me a nice shine. Then I proceeded to pin curl my hair. Next morning my curls were soft and shiny. The ends even felt great too.
I have had the triple nutrition mericle dry oil (I think they rebranded it as part of the series) and I like it, just be careful and use it sparingly  it can make hair greasy if you use too much
Yes , The garnier marvelous oil ( the one with jojoba ) is awesome. It made my hair very soft. I bought it a while back when it first came out. This bottle is big and last forever! Im 2b , long, fine curls. Hope the keep making this...Its a bargain, smells great . Ps- im not CG