Hello! I'm Native American & Polynesian. What products are recommended for my ethnicities? :)

I'm a Newbie here! And I love this ''ParadaSite'' so far :) Sometimes, I really don't know what to do with my hair, hold on, ''sometimes''? No, MOST of the times, haha! And I can't really tell what's its type, but I think it's 3b/c. It's curly when wet and frizzy, poofy when dry. My problem is, I don't seem to find the right products, I LOVE being a Naturally Curly, I am proud of my hair and I love it but beside of braiding/twisting it, etc I don't have many ideas. I used to be a hot tools addict, and to be at the hair salon every weak, I even used to relax my hair, because I thought it was the only solution to have manageable hair (I was young and naive), until an honest hairdresser told me I don't need that creamy thing, I felt so relieved. I had depression, thus, my hair is even worse. (Breakage, etc) *Sighs* I miss my childhood hair. Anyways, now I am determined to take care more of my hair, and to grow it longer. I won't do the big chop because... I just CAN'T cut my hair (Beliefs, cultural reasons) so, I'm transitioning. Please, I need help! I need to find the right products (That are also cruelty free and not tested on animals) and methods that suit my hair type and ethnicities. I mentioned ethnicities because when I use a product that doesn't suit them, it's a.. let's say ''disaster'' lol. Thank you in advance. Xoxo

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Your ethnicity is not what's important, it's your hair type. Have you taken the hair type quiz? Click on the 'hair type' tab on the homepage of naturallycurly.com. That will lead you to information and porducts which may help.
Ugh, stupid spellchecker! lol I meant ''WEEK'' not WEAK *sighs* xD
Thank you for answering ! ^_^ Yes, I took it a few months ago it was 3c , (even if sometimes, it looks 3b, etc, it changes I guess .-.) the reason why I said ethnicities it's because there are some products specially made for some ethnicities for example, there are good products for African American people, Asians, Indigenous, Pacific Islanders, etc. Personally, I tried Herbal Essences Coconut Conditioner, I love it! It surely works wonder on other hairtypes but my hair is a ''strange case'' lol I tried Pantene, my hair hates it. So, that's the difference I guess, but, I will definitely check the products here, my problem is I don't know if I should look for 3b products or 3c, or even 4a because I can't really tell my hairtype. Thank you so much for answering, I appreciate :D Have a nice day!
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