I believe my hair is 3A with a tiny bit of 3B on a good day. My hair is to the middle of my back with no layers. I have been endlessly trying different products to little avail. I have been using renpure, shea moisture, organix and have found that a lot of the shea moisture can be way too heavy for my hair. I have yet to find products that make my curls bounce up and stay curled. I do use the LOC method, air dry, and use a T-shirt to dry my hair. My hair has this thin line where I can apply too little product and too much product quickly and I can't find the right ratio let alone the right scalp can get very "greasy" looking if I apply too much. Is my hair too long/heavy? Most hair tutorials are more for 3b and curlier hair and I never find anything for 3A girls. Please help!!!

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try these they are good but It may be costly but I love it