Help finding hypoallergenic hair products for 2 year old.

Hello, My 2 year old daughter has a lot of nut allergies, very sensitive skin and eczema issues (although not in her scalp). She has beautiful curly hair, I'd say maybe a 3B, AA. Her hair is prone to being dry and frizzy since all curly hair is I guess. I have similar hair type as she does, 3C but I cannot use any of my products in her hair because she breaks out due to her tree nut allergy. I am looking for a good hypoallergenic line for shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and oils. We have tried Cantu and Shea Moisture which has a lot of coconut in it which we just found out she is allergic too. Please help. I recently tried Carol's Daughter but guess the oil had a strong fragrance that broke her out in a rash. I hate having to try all these things out and found out she has an allergy to what I used in her hair every day. If anyone else has this same situation please weigh in. 

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