HELP! My hair has gone flat, stringy and I need product recommendations ASAP

I've been using devacurl for a while, and while it saved my hair from being completely TERRIBLE, I'm still not totally happy with it.I want springy healthy curls with more volume but my hair is thin and falls flat.I tried using a volume spray and it just caused frizz. Product suggestions? Pretty please? Or is this something a product cannot fix, because I tried the shea moisture smoothie and got very similar results :( 

2 Answers

Its possible that your hair is overloaded with product or over-conditioned. Even "natural" products like Devacurl and Sheamoisture can do this.. Please try clarifying with something inexpensive like baking soda and then re-try your products. 
do you know your hairs porosity level? Since the weather has gotten colder and dryer my porosity has seemed to become even lower. I've been struggling.  So far flaxseed gel, herbal essences tousle me softly have really helped. Also labella curl enhancing gel has helped achieving definition.