Help! I have 2B/2C natural curls and I've been struggling to find a shampoo that works well!

I have 2B/2C hair and have found that the No-Poo/sulfate free shampoos leave my hair limp and dull. The salon where I get my hair cut uses Eufora products that (they say), have sulfate derivatives that clean better, but aren't as harsh. I LOVE that stuff, but it's WAY too expensive for me ($30+ for 8oz? OUCH!). Anyone have shampoos they have tried that give you some sudsy-clean, without being as harsh? Thanks so much!

4 Answers

Have you tried Shea Moisture shampoo? That brand works very well and the shampoo is actually moisturizing! :)
you could try the pantene curl perfection shampoo :)
Hi Christine-22, I LOVE Say Yes To products right now. I have tried just about every line they have, and all of them are equally awesome. You can find them at Target, and each line aims to solve a different problem. They're about $7.99 a bottle, does that sound better to you? My personal favorites are Say Yes to Blueberries Shampoo, which has sulfates. And Say Yes to Coconuts Shampoo. Both have sulfates, but Say Yes to Coconuts and Say Yes to Cucumber shampoo is less harsh than the rest.One last thing - its important to educate yourself on all the different types of sulfates and surfactants there are out there. I recommend this article, which is really comprehensive and can help your shopping experience. :) Good luck!
I love the DevaCurl low-poo.  My BFF who has 2A hair uses it, and it gives her pretty waves.