Help! Product for massively thick frizzy 2c hair?

Hi, for years I've depended on a product called Salon Only Curl Magic to tame my incredibly thick, coarse, frizzy 2c hair. It has a uniquely gloopy, almost glue like consistency and dries hard and heavy. Any other product - cream, gel or serum- and my hair just ignores it.I use Curl Magic on top of leave-in organic conditioner, and never use shampoo or heat style my hair.The pic shows my hair dry first thing in the morning - not brushed out!Now it's been discontinued and I'm panicking! Does anyone know of a similar product I could try?

2 Answers

I recommend using the aussie 3 minute miracle in the shower. After getting out of the shower I recommend the aussie sprunch, an oil (coconut, argon, Morrocan, etc.), and an anti frizz serum or cream. My two favorite anti frizz serums are garnier fructis sleek and shine and proclaim glossing polish. 
nope, serums and creams do nothing at all :-$But thanks for answering. :-)