Help finding the right products for 2b hair

Hello!I discovered this site a week ago and I'm obsessed! :)I'm on a journey to embrace my waves and grow my bob out long and gorgeous. My hair is fine but there's a lot of it and it's normal porosity (I think) but also fairly abused by chemicals on the ends so that part goes really frizzy. I've been co washing with Suave Tropical Coconut every few days ... it's way greasy. I started transitioning a week ago. It's pretty awful right now (and I'm meeting my new boss Tuesday and would love to not look so greasy lol!)Questions: I'm confused about products. My hair used to respond well to Catwalks Curls Rock ... but I understand they've changed their formula. Any ideas for a leave in for the dry ends? And for a curl enhancing gel that will give big curls and not be greasy? Going to attach some photos for reference of what my hair is capable of! (Lol)THANK YOU! I'm feeling a little desperate and really hating this transitioning process. 

2 Answers

Ok so this isn't going to be the most helpful answer, but I've found that people's questions on this site tend not to get answered, so I'm doing my best to respond to as many people as I can, so bear with me.So first of all, you don't have to keep co-washing! If it isn't working out for your hair, you could try using a sulfate free shampoo, or only co-washing if your scalp is dry. However, if you do want to stick with it just to make completely sure that it doesn't work, I'd try using some dry shampoo. The dove refresh + care invigorating dry shampoo was rated highly by naturally curly. My hair unfortunately can't stand leave-ins, so I moisturize my ends and the rest of my hair too by frequently deep conditioning. I also am not a fan of my gel, so I can't help you there either. My best advice, to be honest, is to figure out a good backup hair-style to hide your hair if it turns out badly Tuesday. Also, good luck meeting your boss! (and with the transitioning :)
Thanks for your help, @Isabel_erwin! I think I'll pick up some of that dry shampoo to use while conditioning. This morning I washed with a sulfate shampoo to remove any silicones that might still be sticking around on my hair. I picked up some Cantu Conditioning Cream, which is awesome so far—but I used too much (lol) so today my hair is kind of weird. I'll probably just rinse it all out tomorrow morning and who knows, maybe I'll just blow dry it straight (gasp). I'm going to relax about all of this because it's a process and I don't need to take it so seriously. Thank you so much for responding and for your ideas.