Hi all, hoping someone can recommend some products to help my 3a,fine hair, lots of hair loss. Plz

past year or so I've been having lots of hair loss I'm not sure if my hair is thinning out or lacking something. I want to use hair masks and stuff to help my hair but I'm not sure what would suit best? 

2 Answers

Trouble23,If you have been suffering from hair loss for an extended period of time you may need to talk to a dermatologist, trichologist or your PCP. How are you primarly wearing your hair? Are you using tensioni styles like braids or weaves? 
I usually just wear it out, in a twisted bun with a satin scrunchie or lightly twist and clip it up with a alligator clip. I'm not sure what a weave is ? My mother says it's just thinning out 'naturally ' like her hair has (no1 in my family is bald). Some lady told me it's because my hair is curly , apparently curly hair is dryer then other types which results in more hair loss ? I don't really do any thing extra to my hair . I've started only using all natural henna hair dye, all natural Sukin shampoo & conditioner. I want to use a leave in conditioning treatment not sure what tho. My hair hates coconut oil. I really want to use hair extensions just clip ins so I can have some volume and still be able to treat my hair at night.