Hi, I have 3C/4A textured hair. What products can I use to detangle and moisturize my hair?

Many products that I have experimented with are either too heavy, or tend to dry my hair out.

I am looking for a daily/leave in conditioner, as well as a detangler, in which is lightweight but will keep my hair moisturized.

Any recommendations?

Thank You!

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Its pretty much everyone's favorite leave in detanlger. I honestly haven't met anyone who doesn't like it. Its not cheap but its also not really expensive. 

Kinky-Curly Knot Today

If thats not for you you should also try Karen's Body Beautiful Leave In, Curl Junkie Smoothing Assurance Lotion, or Miss Jessies Leave In condish--- the only thing is the smell is CRAZY! It will stay with you until you wash it. It's not bad just strong. REALLY strong. 

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