Holy Grail Products for Thick 2c/3a Curly Wavy hair?

I'm in desperate need of some good products for my mess of a 2c/3a wavy uncontrollable Greek head of hair! I'm a year into my hair journey, am recovering from excessive heat and color damage, and have been reading Naturallycurly articles left and right to gain more knowledge about what's best for my crazy locks. Do you have any holy grails (both high and low end) that you could recommend to me? Thanks so much! 

1 Answer

I have several products that I really like. Keep in mind I'm not fully CG. These just work or my hair. Mine is 2b , long , thick (but each hair is fine) . 1. Crème of Nature Strength and Shine ( my detangler)2. Garnier Sleek and shine argan serum ( has silicones.) occasional use3. Shea moisture Milks (yucca or coconut ) I like both4. OGX Creamy Argan Hair Butter5.Cantu Define and Shine custard 6. African Pride Curly CustardI detangle ,very wet , the add a cream or milk. The I use a flexible styler (custard ) . Im not big on crunchy gel. These products are very hydrating , so I don't use a lot of each. I twist into rope like coils . Then air dry, or dry on low setting.Hope this helps..