How does one get hair product samples??

Hi AllCan anyone help me in finding a site that sends samples?I live in Europe and have 3b hair. Have been using Mixed Chicks leave-in and deep conditioners and kinky knot today and using Curly Girl Handbook, but I really urgently need moisterizing sulphate free shampoo and have been checking reviews on NaturallyCurly - found some on Amazon but the shippingcosts are OUT OF THE WORLD! That's why a sample would be SO HANDY. So it atleast would be worth it paying €25 shipping costs for a product that is only really £4 (!!!)Thanks in advance!<3

5 Answers

I always get some when I order from CurlMart. Though maybe the shipping is killer, huh?
Hey, thanks. Indeed. I remember someone telling me about a site where you could get samples from to try out but she didn't remember where it was from hence the question. But I guess like you say you'll get it while ordering, or if you work in the hair industry... too bad :-/Before I just take the risk and spend my hard earned money on some good poo, I will wait till I get to a big city where they might have some hair products in an African Shop :-)
     No problem. Hair samples may be hard to find, but you'll eventually find what you are looking for. Hair samples can come with lotions or body washes. Once you order some hair product online and put your info in, then sooner or later something may come up.
If you can´t get samples just look up reviews online so you can see what other people with your hair type thought about the product!
You could definitely check on the website "curlbox". You pay a certain amount a month and you get lots of free samples.