How to use my new "balanced guru" no frizz oil?!?

I have been using cg method for about 2 months...on a budget of $0!!! I have tried alot of mayo, banana, evoo! I use vo5 and recently bought a sulfate free shampoo! I was so happy to find a hair oil in my ipsy bag this month!! Only problem at what step of my routine do I use it? Can I use it in a diluted spray for problem days? Please tell me your experience with oils! I will update if I find the perfect balance for me!

2 Answers

I love that oil, it smells amazing. You could use it a lot of different ways. You can use it to seal your ends by putting a couple of drops onto your finger tips and then sealing the ends of your hair. Or you could use it as a pre-poo...just put some in your palms, rub it through your ends and then put a little heat on it with the blow dryer. Then rinse out in the shower. But honestly my favorite way is just rubbing it through my hair on my frizzy sections. I've never tried diluting it in water. That's interesting. That might be a handy little refresher for second day hair! Good luck! 
I really really recommend that you use argan oil. I have one called Pro Natural’s moroccan argan oil that I got online and I've been loving it so far because argan oil is supposed to be really good hair food. It also smoothes down the frizzes and makes hair nice and shiny, plus it's not greasy AT ALL and smells great!