What can I do?

Hi I'm 17 and I've been natural for going on 3 years. I have curly hair. I didn't do the "big chop" because my mom didn't want me to cut all my hair off at once she wanted me to do it gradually. I couldn't wear my hair in its natural state so I religiously got blowouts and straightenings every two weeks over the years. I recently found out that I have heat damage along with still a bit of permed ends. I talked to my mom and she finally agreed to let me cup my permed ends, but now I have heat damage. I need to know what to do. What treatments can I do? What products do I purchase? Is this fixable? What hairstyle can I wear? How do I stop this from happening again? I decided to lay off the heat for a while, I really need guidance please help!!!!Thank you in advance!!

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