I have 2b hair, low porosity, high density, long hair. In curious what products to use?

I'm curious what products to use for 2b, low porosity, high density hair?  I read to use creams, gels or butters for the density but it said use a protein treatment for my type 2 but then said to use protein free daily conditioner for porosity.  So some contradiction?  Help!  Any suggestions for both cleansing and styling would be helpful.  

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Hi CurlyMess78, I wouldn't worry so much about the density of your hair. That just means you have a lot of hair on your head! You're one of the lucky ones. Instead, I would focus on porosity. Low porosity hair is tricky because it doesn't let anything in your hair. That's why we caution you to use protein free or low protein products. Here are some recommendations for low porosity hair products: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curl-pro...If you're a wavy, I would stick to lightweight products that won't weigh your waves down. Especially if you have low porosity!! Remember - low porosity hair means your product will just sit on the hair. So stay away from super oily, thick products. Look for sprays, mousses, and light creams. Good luck!