I have 3b/3c, thick, low porosity, medium fine hair at medium length. Brush/comb suggestions?

I'm new to the realm of beauty care and am becoming a little overwhelmed when it comes to what products/tools to use for my hair. Right now I brush with Mixed Chick's Paddle Brush and I've always felt that it's saturated my hair and given me nice, defined curls. However, it seems that everyone swears by either a wide toothed comb or a "denim brush"(not sure what that is?). I'm due for a new comb/brush soon, and I'd to hear some suggestions. Are wide toothed combs better than paddle brush for curls? What is a denim brush? I want to grow my hair longer and any help would be appreciated.Sorry I didn't post any images, my computer is being difficult with me at the moment.

2 Answers

The tangle teezer is great for gently detangling hair. Some people prefer wide-toothed combs or fingers for detangling, but I find that my hair is too tangly for a wide-toothed comb, and the teeth miss the little tangles that cause frizz. It sounds like you are using the paddle brush for definition and styling, which is exactly what a lot of people love to use the Denman brush for. Though the tangle teezer might double for styling when used in the same way. A wide-toothed comb is probably the most gentle, but it doesn't work for everyone. All of the other brushes need to be used slowly and carefully with lots of conditioner to avoid breakage, but they tend to be more effective. I would recommend a tangle teezer or denman brush over the paddle brush because they are a little gentler, especially the tangle teezer. I hope this helped. Let me know if you have any questions.
I thought the denman brush was just over hyped at first but then I bought one and fell in love! There's plenty of YouTube videos of curly girls routine with it. It really detangles and helps clump & define curls. I personally have 3B curls and I finger detangle first in the shower with conditioner and follow with my denman brush then rinse.