I believe I am a thinning 3b and I am in desperate need of product help...

I am a thinning type 3b that needs help with products. I moved from the USA to an island in Greece and I think the water here has change my hair along with my age. I find my hair has thinned and has become dry from using what I am assuming is hard water. The crown of my head has become drier, very fine and limp. Can you please suggest affordable products that are available in Europe that I can hopefully buy online.

2 Answers

I am a 3b, and there are so many great, affordable products available now, although I'm not sure how many are available in Greece. You might want to check out products from SheaMoisture, L'Oreal Paris Evercurl, Garnier and Tresemme.  Make sure you're using a sulfate-free cleanser or a cleansing conditioner.
I use Just 4 Kinks over the edge hair growth serum and herbal tea blend(http://www.etsy.com/shop/just4kinks).  my edges have went from baldy locks to kinky locks in about 2 months.