I don't know what hair products to use???

I began the curly girl method a few years back and I'm still experiencing dull and frizzy hair. I have a mix of 2b and 2c low porosity hair. I'm currently co washing every two days because if I don't then my scalp will begin to have lots of build up. I use the LA Looks blue gel and no leave in, tresemme conditioner, and coconut suave conditioner to co wash. I've been mixing around with lots of products, but have't found the perfect set. My waves are dull, frizzy, and I'm ready to explode. Also drugstore products would be appreciated because I'm on a budget. 

1 Answer

I think you need a deep condition treatment. As for brands I don't know many, you can try Palmer's line which worked nicely on my hair, or OGX I haven't tried that one but I've read and seen reviews on that and they all are positive. Good luck with your joruney