I don't know how to make my hair big and more full and voluminous

I have 3b hair and I have a lot of trouble finding products or ways to keep it voluminous! I've tried so many products and haircuts. I hate having to flip it and shake to get fullness that eventually adds frizz. Help! 

1 Answer

You already seem to have quite voluminous hair! But I know curly girls want as much as possible, as anyone would. On days where I feel like I want more volume, whether it be on the top of my head/the roots, or the under lying layers, I use a blowdryer with a diffuser attachment and use the warm (not hot) setting on low power. It takes a few minutes but the low power prevents hair from frizzing as much. Also remember to start on the under layers of the hair and work your way to the outer layers so you don't dry a section to much (this can cause frizz too!) Don't forget heat protectant. I usually get my hair halfway dry- 75% dry and let it air dry the rest of the way. Avoid touching your hair throughout the drying process and after to help prentgent frizz too! Sorry this is so long, I hope it helps! :)