I don't like all the fancy products... do I have to follow the "rules"

I have 3A hair right now. Used to be 3B, lots of damage from dying. I have tried just about every product. Do I really need to follow all the special rules, no towel, no combing wet, no cones and sulfates and blah blah blah? I just want something that cleans and moisturizes my hair, and whatever I can use with it when I get out of the shower.And quite frankly, I like to use my towel- even if everyone says it "does damage".I chopped my hair after the dye damage and now just want to make it nice and have a product I stick with.Please help me.I get way too stressed over my hair. 

1 Answer

You don't absolutely have to "follow the rules" but know that your hair will take longer to repair itself if you don't. They're not necessarily "rules" as much as "guidelines" to help you get the best curls you can. It sounds like you just want a simple regimen, and curly hair care can be very simple IF you stick with the same products and don't experiment. You say you don't like fancy products....what about Tressemme Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner - 5 bucks for almost a liter.  And it's great stuff. That's easy to find...and if you like your towel then stick with it, but using a t-shirt is sooo much better and it gets rid of frizz. Again, super easy adjustment. Just use an old t-shirt hanging around. Curly hair care is only as stressful as you make it. Hope that helps simplify things.