How can I fix my constantly over moisturised hair?

If I use conditioner at all it seems to go wavy (just about), almost straight in some parts. I have tried protein treatments and nothing seems to work, really. I am usually 2c/3a. What products should I use and does pre-pooing with coconut oil help with such high porosity? I am from Northern Ireland (UK) so I can't get American products. The picture is of my hair currently over moisturised. 

2 Answers

Some suggestions: First, try clarifying with baking soda because it could be product build-up especially if your products have silicone in them. Are you co-washing or using shampoo? If you're not using shampoo already then try some and then condition.  It's possible that you're putting too much product in your hair or that the particular conditioner is too rich for your hair. Another suggestion is create a routine that works for you. Maybe your hair hates having a leave-in. Then go with a gentle rinse out conditioner and skip the leave-in. In my case, my hair goes limp if I add oil over my freshly washed conditioned hair. So I pre-poo with coconut oil and then wash and style with a CG friendly shampoo, conditioner and gel. And of course I don't overdo with the products. Hope this helps.
Hi there,It could be that you're using a conditioner/leave in that is too heavy for your hair. Avoid the thicker creams and try something lighter. Also experiment with the conditioner you use in the shower. If you usually leave some or all of it in then try rinsing it out. After that you could apply a lightweighted conditioner and plop your hair with a cotton tshirt.In my 3b world there's no thing as over moisturized hair haha! Couldn't love it more.