I have 2c hair (a lot). I am looking for a curl refresher spray that I can get at Sally's/drugstore.

I've tried making my own (water, conditioner, lavender oil) (water and gel mixture).  But I don't like them...looks ok at first, but once dry, frizzes up again.  Also, is it ok to use products from lines like "As I am" and "Shea Moisture" if you don't have "ethnic" hair?  I don't know if those products are too heavy for my hair type.

2 Answers

Try one of Shea Moisture's mists. :)There are also a lot of recipes here on naturallycurly for homemade refresher sprays.
I have tried the ethnic products myself...and I am a fair-skinned dark blonde. I prefer their "natural" ingredients, but suggest using the lighter formulas available, otherwise they may be too heavy. That's what I found as I was "testing" everything on the market!  I still am, actually. I also tried "As I Am", but did not personally see any benefit from it. But we are all different! You should try it as it may work for you.