What do I do if I accidentally used a sulfate??

I was looking around at Target today Bc I read online that they have the Devacurl products (they don't) and I ran across a shampoo that looked good. I've been using the CG method for about 5 weeks. It's working GREAT but my scalp had been kind of itching. I thought if I used a sulfate free shampoo, maybe it would fix it. I showered and used the shampoo (but only on my roots), then used my Curl Junkie Curl Rehab deep conditioner. I rinsed & put on my Giovanni Direct leave in & was combing my hair out with my wide tooth comb when I noticed my hair looked frizzier than usual at the roots and was harder to Comb out than ususual. I looked at the shampoo bottle and guess what??? SULFATES! :( It was in the natural product section so I had NO idea it would be in there ! What should I do?? I had already combed out my hair, applied my Lush hair moisturizer, curl junkie curls in a bottle & Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie. Then I plopped so my hair is wrapped in a tshirt which is how I normally sleep. Should I wash it over again and use the suave conditioner & regular conditioner?? Or should I just go to sleep, and when I get up tomorrow and my hair dries, redampen it and apply some more conditioner or some leave in?? Help!

1 Answer

Nothing. It's ok. It's like the first day your started CG and you had to use a sulfate to clarify your hair from any silicones. If you deep conditioned you should be fine. It's even ok to occasionally use a sulfate shampoo (maybe one lower or less harsh) that will help clarify any build up from heavier ingredients like the hold polymers in gels and the butters and oils like shea. Don't worry, you're good. Just do what ever you normally would when you wake up to refresh. And, take the product back to Target and use the money for something else. They have Deva Curl online. You can try the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo. Be careful, they are heavy and very moisturizing. If you can find a lighter one like their Weightless Fruit Frusion (sold at Ulta) that would probably better for you unless your hair is really dry and or have high porosity hair. ;)