difference between light conditioner and thick conditioner?

how do i know which is a light conditioner for co-washing and which is a thick one for conditioning?  I live in Peru and we dont have any of the products in your list, so, what do i look in the ingredientes for each one...  how do i know if i use it for cowash or for conditioning.  I now that sulfate, silicone free...  but how do i tell the diference.  HELP!!!  thank you

3 Answers

regular conditioner is mostly used on a  daily basis . Deep-conditioner is either used once a week or twice a month . Deep conditioners is packed with vitamins and minerals that replenish dry, damage , weak hair that need extra care and attention . 
thnx. And how do i pick?  Here there are only poos or consitioners. So if go to the conditioner area how do i pick one for cowash and other for ro?  Ive read about light and thick...  But howbto tell???  
You won't necessarily be able to tell only from ingredients because you won't know how much of each one is in the product. But if it has lists lots of oils or oil very close to the top of the list you should probably only use it as a conditioner and not as a co-wash. If there aren't any silicones in it, it has a thinner consistency and not oils then it is probably a light conditioner and better for co-washing.