How do I know if products are CG approved?

I know there is a list of ingredients to avoid in the products. But I cant remember them all. Is there a list of the brands that are CG approved? It would be helpful if we can look up a product and just see if its CG approved or not.

1 Answer

Hi Saldanac, There are so many great resources for the CG method! I'm so glad you asked. The biggest rule is to avoid sulfates and silicones. It's pretty easy to spot a "sulfate." You can see "sulfate" or "ate" in the end of the word. Silicones are also pretty easy to spot, just look for any word that ends in "cone" "conol" and "xane." Here's an excellent article from CurlyNikki on how to read labels. Now, the first thing you're going to think we're you're reading these labels is "nothing is CG approved!!" That's what I remember thinking as I sifted through hair products in my bathroom. So to help you out, here's an excellent list of CG approved products and CG approved drugstore finds. I hope that helps.Good luck! Going CG is hard but it can pay off greatly in the end. I've attached a video as well that might be helpful. Waterlily is an excellent CG resource!