What should I know before texlaxing my 4b/c hair?

I've had dreadlocks for most of my life, so this whole natural hair thing is pretty new to me. While I had dreadlocks, I developed an obsession with bleaching my hair (which resulted in serious breakage and damage). I've had my hair in protective styles since I cut off my dreads a few months ago, but I want to wear my hair out. My only problem is that when I wear my hair out, it gets terrible tangles. Anyway, I've decided that texturizing is the way to go, or at least I think it is...?

1 Answer

There are a few things to think about. Like bleaching, texturizing is going to thin and damage your hair over time. Even though its possibly less damaging than bleaching, in order keep up texturized hair, you will need to keep reapplying the chemical treatment and inevitably there will be some overlap when you apply the chemical, which means that hair is being processed over and over again. This will weaken you hair can lead to breakage. If you decide to stop the treatment, the breakage will most like worsen at the point where you new growth starts and the texturized hair ends. Have you tried letting your hair dry in large or medium sized braids or twists and then taking those out to wear your hair out? That should help to reduce some tangling. Another way to reduce tangles is to be sure your ends are sufficiently moisturized. Applying leave-in conditioner after cleansing with a sulfate-free shampoo or co-wash and then using an oil or butter especially on your ends should help to seal in moisture and reduce tangling. I've been there, so I know a bit about where you are coming from, however I personally wasn't happy with the health of my hair when it was texturized. It just seemed to get thinner and thinner and I had a lot of breakage. It can work though, but you should probably be prepared to treat your hair with extra care like you would color treated or damaged hair. You may need to do regular protein treatments (not keratin, but moisturizing protein treatments, like something DIY with avocado or yogurt...) and regular deep conditioning and stay clear of harsh or clarifying cleansers that strip your hair of moisture (you don't want that squeaky clean stripped feeling).I hope that helps!