i would like suggestions on products to use,and lately my hair has been dry

an I just really want it to get longer 

2 Answers

I have hair that's sort of 3a/3b on bottom and 2b on top. I've had the most luck with DevaCurl products--I use the conditioner every other day and the no poo about once a month. I use the hydrating cream gel for styling. My hair is long so I use clips to set and dry. For dryness, I use coconut oil on the ends before showering!As for getting longer, I can say I struggle with growing it. I can recommend being as gentle as possible no matter the detangling technique you use. I once took a biotin supplement in effort to grow but it made no difference, and keeping it well hydrated seems more important. Also, I can't cut as often as three months because it just gets shorter, so I usually trim every 4-5 months since mine grows so slow.
I agree with the other answer, especially with the coconut oil! I like to use coconut oil on its own as a hot oil treatment, i put it into my home-made hair masks which work wonders and sometimes just put it at the ends of my hair when it is feeling very dry. I just tend to get hair products that are suited for dry hair, just experiment with products really until you find what works for you.For getting your hair longer, the same things i have already mentioned help. Keeping your hair in good condition is the main thing. Not using heat is a very important thing to do when growing hair as this can make hair feel very dry. Using protective hairstyles is also a good idea, trim your hair when you see that your ends are split and fried. :)