I live in a dry climate region. Which products will keep my 3c low-po hair moisturized?

1 Answer

To infuse more moisture into your strands in such a dry climate, I recommend using heat or steam when deep conditioning your hair. Also, use deep conditioners that focus on restoring moisture and not reconstructors, which tend to be heavy with protein. The heat from a hooded dryer or steamer will help to lift the cuticle layer of your hair so that moisturizers can penetrate to the inside of your hair shaft. Steam is great because it is a combination of heat and water. Most importantly, you want to seal in moisture after rinsing out your deep conditioner. I like recommending coconut oil, because it is an emollient, which means it moisturizes the hair and the molecules are small enough to penetrate the hair shaft. If you don't have a dryer, invest in some plastic processing caps, cover your hair, and the heat your body naturally produces will assist in the penetration of your deep conditioner.