how can i love my hair?!!

pleeeease help, i have 2c\3a hair and my hair is super frizzy because of the dryness in the weather, no matter how much i moisturize it. i use extra moisture transitioning milk from shea moisture  and still my hair gets frizzy when i go out. im trying to like my hair but i cant .

2 Answers

Yea having curly hair is the most frustrating thing. Although my hair is a 2A, its still hard to tame since its always humid. Try Shampoo and conditioner that moisturize your hair as well as have anti-frizz formula. Moisturizing milk, coconut milk, and argon oil arw great, natural, healthy moisturizers. Maybe add some leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz creme into your routine if its still frizzy. To hold it it place, you should use hairspray (not the classic spray-all-over can but the other hairspray where your spray it into your hands then scrunch it into your hair so its not as crunchy) or a small amount of curlying gel (made for curl hair to reduce crunchyness). With beauty comes hard work, but it pays off. Curly hair is the most frustrating type of hair to deal with but its the prettiest. 
Hi Layla,I have 3A type curls, so I know what a bitch it can be. But to be honest, it's the most easy hair you can have, if you know how to manage it.  This variates a lot, so experiment and find your own solution. I try to use as little producs as possible, becauxe in my experience, it just makes my hair heavier, and is still frizzy.But here's what works for me: 1) Stop washing your hair. This makes it dry and frizzy and makes your curls droopy. if your head gets greasy, I brush my hair to divide the natural oils over my hair. Take your time on this, do it in front of the tv or something. I know this is considered a big no-no, because it makes your hair one giant poofy, static shagg rug. the key is to take a shower afterwards, and finger comb your hair tor spread the hairlocks again. If you still think your scalp is too greasy, take a tiy amount of shampoo (try a pharmacy or something, and request something for dry hair, not something full of perfumes and other toxic stuff) and carefully wash your scalp, and only the scalp. Expect some frizz after this, but manage it when it's dry with some stay-in conditioner or wax.2) Wash/rinse your hair in the evening, about an hour before you go to bed. Then wrap it with an old t-shirt (there's a tutorial here somewhere, check it out!). Try to let your hair rest in the style you prefer for at least 10 minutes, else you'll never be able to style it the way you like. And go to sleep with damp hair spread over the pillow, not tucked under your head. This will give you springy and defined curls.3) In the morning, shake those curls! If the tips are still dry, I use some wax/stay in conditioner. just rub it on your hands and try to follow the seperate locks.Curly hair really is a lot less effort if you just know the curly girl hacks :-). But as I said, there is not one solution. It took me years to perfect my method, and I still find new tricks every so often.I hope this helps :-) xx3a-ok.