I need help with what products I should try

I am mixed black/white. the photo attached is my hair freshly washed no product. I need something that helps with frizz and will define my curls. 

1 Answer

There is a lot of variation in the routines that other curly haired people have to combat frizz, I think everyone does something a little different that is specific to their hair type, but there are some things I hear over and over again in regard to dealing with frizz:  Dry your hair with a t-shirt or a microfiber towel.  Scrunch your hair dry with either of these things like the lady in the attached picture. Never use a regular towel and ruffle your hair with it.  This causes the hair to fray and break, which then becomes frizz.Sleep in a high loose bun on top of your head (it's called the pineapple method by some) and wrap it loosely in a silky scarf or sleep on a silky pillowcase.  Secure it tightly on the circumference of your head so it doesn't slip off while you sleep.  (it doesn't have to be silk, just a smooth material that won't snag your hair) The reason for this is similar to why you scrunch with a tshirt/microfiber: it prevents the snagging of your hair while it rubs up against the cloth of a rough pillowcase at night.Do not brush your hair.  Detangle your hair gently with your fingers.  Brushing separates the individual hairs which separates your curls.  It is also more likely for your hair to break while brushing. A little trick I use: If I'm wearing my hair down, I apply whatever product I'm using to it like normal and when I'm done, I look for pieces that are still frizzy or just can't seem to join in on my curl pattern.  I wet these unruly frizzies and even add a little more product, and twist them with a little bit of my hair that is behaving.  I let them dry, then I take them out and I have little defined curls where my frizz used to be.I hope this helped! And I hope you find the right method that works for you! Good luck!