I need something to hydrate and bring my curls back to life

I have Hispanic /African American  3b and  ever since I was little my mom always used gel on my hair and now it's so dry , frizzy, course , I just don't know what to do , I've used  nourish and shine by Jane carter I had some good results but I want to try something else , my hair was beautiful not anymore 

1 Answer

sounds like you could use a deep-conditioner treatment to re-build , enhance and and moisturize . Some gels have alcohol and other harsh ingredients . Its important to read all labels before you purchase any hair product . I prefer all natural hair products . I  Like coconut shea butter gel because it doesn't weigh my hair down plus it has coconut oil which gives my hair a shiny finish look . But for frizzy messy hair I use Aussie products alcohol free .