I need new products for my sister who is transitioning, and I need suggestions!!

My sister is finally ready to start transitioning and I'm trying to help her with products. She's very sensitive to strong smells so we can't use the same products because mine are too strong for her. I just need help finding a line for her that doesn't smell to strong, but will help her with her transitioning. She has a combined texture of 3b-3c, and she has very long, fine hair. She really doesn't like fruity smelling things so anything like that is completely out of the question, light scent or not. Thanks in advance!

2 Answers

I would definitely recommend shea moistures raw shea butter reconstructive line ! This line will not only help to reconstruct her hair and help with transitioning , it has a very light smell. It seems like a win win situation. 
As strange as this sounds, go to the men's section in your local drugstore, and pickup Loreal Paris' MineralFX modelling gel-creme. It's in a small short cylinder. I picked it up by accident, and it's been working really well for me. It doesn't smell like much of anything and I just leave my conditioner in (Herbal Essences either Totally Twisted or Hello Hydration) towel it out, work this creme through my hair, and twist the difficult looking pieces (or if I'm feeling really particular my whole head) this might work a little differently because I have really thick coarse hair, but the creme only costs like $5.00 so it's worth a shot - it also works alright in dry hair as a styling assist.