I need products for my dry 4c hair, but I have allergies

I am allergic to SOY, ALMONDS, HAZELNUTS, CHERRIES & APRICOTS.  I have tried so many and ended up with a red, itchy head and a massive does of benedryl.  I LOVE the amla and olive cream by qhemet biologics, but have been unable to get it for quite some time. Any ideas as to how to either make my own or find another product that is similar?

1 Answer

I would check out our recipes section of the site. http://www.naturallycurly.com/recipes/ You can search by ingredient and find something that you're not allergic to. If you like olive oil, there's tons of recipes using olive oil and avocado. If you have dry hair, try a homemade deep conditioner. Hope you find something!