I need a treatment, product, that will help me.

My curly hair, 3a in bangs and mostly 3b in all, has gone a bit flat, more frizzy and less curly lately. I need a fix, and fast. My long bangs, just an inch shorter than the rest of my hair, have gone really really flat, with no volume, and there is a massive space in between my bangs, like they've grown apart. I want my bangs back, I'm tired of trying to clip them back. I am white, just incase the texture matters. Also, I put my hair up when I sleep, but it does nothing. My hair is a mess when I wake up, and I have to use a wide tooth comb, but it also doesn't work very well so that my hair looks nice and my bangs are flat.

1 Answer

Hi Cayli.  Have you ever tried Monat products.  I to have curly hair that would get frizzy and loose the curl at the top if it was weighed down as my hair is fairly long.  These products blew me away the first use.  Let me know if you want more info :)